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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for leadership and promoting the success of the Corporation by directing and overseeing Sunshine's corporate affairs. The Board oversees Sunshine's corporate governance and financial reporting and is responsible for reviewing the effectiveness of the Corporation's system of internal control.

Kwok Ping Sun, EMBA
Executive Chairman of the Board, Executive Director

Mr. Sun was appointed as an Executive Chairman of the Board since June 28, 2015...more


Michael J. Hibberd, BA, MBA, LLB
Non-Executive Vice Chairman of the Board, Non-Executive Director and Chairman of Corporate Governance Committee

Mr. Hibberd is a non-executive Vice Chairman and non-executive Director since June 28, 2015...more


Hong Luo, B.Geol.
Executive Director of the Board, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Luo, aged 52, is currently Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer...more


Qiping Men, P.Eng. CPA, CGA, MBA
Executive Director of the Board, President and Chief Operation Officer

Mr. Men was appointed as President and Chief Operation Officer of the Corporation on October 20, 2016...more


Qi Jiang, P.Eng., Ph.D
Executive Director of the Board, Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Jiang was appointed as Chief Technology Officer of the Corporation on October 20, 2016..more


Jianzhong Chen, M.Eng.
Non-Executive Director

Mr. Chen is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Bank of China Group Investment Limited ("BOCGI") and he currently supervises the Asset Management Division and NPA Investment Division businesses...more


Xijuan Jiang
Non-Executive Director

Ms. Jiang is a senior engineer with 25 years of experience in industrial applications. Ms. Jiang is the recipient of numerous design awards, primarily in respect of heating and ventilation systems...more


Gerald (Gerry) Stevenson, B. Sc., M. Sc., P. Eng.
Independent Non- Executive Director, Chairman of Reserves Committee

Mr. Gerald F. Stevenson is an independent non-executive Director appointed on July 15, 2011. Mr. Stevenson has over 34 years of experience in the oil and gas industry...more


Raymond Fong, P.Eng.
Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. Raymond S. Fong is an independent non-executive Director appointed on May 9, 2007...more


Joanne Yan, FCA
Independent Non-Executive Director

Ms. Yan has over twenty years of experience advising, directing and managing publicly listed companies in North America...more


Yi (Daivd) He, MSc. Economic, CPA China
Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. He has worked in the financial industry for more than 22 years and held various senior management roles in several global banks in China...more